About Me

about me
I was born and raised in Helotes, TX. I ended up going to O’Connor High School and then Graduating from The University of Texas San Antonio in 2006.  I have been blessed with so many experiences and great people that I have come in and out of my life.  I have two wonderful parents that have stuck behind in me everything that I do. I owe them all the credit for continuing to support all my crazy ideas (and they still do).

I found a love cameras at a pretty young age. We were always taking pictures with anything we could get our hands on, polaroid’s, disposables, and then finally some digital.  My first digital camera was a canon elf and we had the under water attachment.  This may be where the love for the outdoor photography became alive.  I truly enjoy the outdoors and then finding another way of presenting the views to others.

Photography has always been a second hobby, although recently I am learning a new skill of what I can actually do with it. Creating artwork has been a true blessing. This is what I want to share with the world. I look forward to working with and sharing my story with you in the near future.  I am a very proud father of one of the greatest sons a man could ask for.  There are no coincidences in this world.

May God Bless You !